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坂上真海I am Mami Sakaue.

I met my cart at the age of 10 in 2012.

The rental cart l got for the first time is fun. Then my father took me to practice on a weekly basis. We made a race debut in earnest the recommendation of the circuit site. The following year,all wins were won in the cadet class in the Sonic park Ajimu series. Since 2014,we have entered the All Japan Kart Championship and Suzuka Championships.

It became series champion in Suzuka championship in 2017. It became a series champion also in Sonic park Ajimu of the home course. Achieved a double champion!

I joined Suzuka Racing School this year in addition to racing activities. Riding carts and formulas to learn travel skills,machine maintenance,etc.

Strive to grow as a driver as a person.

It would be a great disadvantage for the cost and the amount of training to leave the local area and switch around Japan. You can feel the support of the team and those who support you just by fighting away from the local area.

My goal is to be a pro driver. l will do my best to thank those who support me for that. And I will do my best to convey the greatness of motor sport to many people.

Name Sakaue Mami
Hometown Fukuoka JAPN
Birthday Apr 11,2002
Age 18 years old (as of 2020)
Height 165㎝
Favorite words I'm not gonna loose



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